Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where's the Passion?

Recently, someone told me they were neutral in their thinking over a subject. That seems so utterly sad to me. To lose one's passion in life, one's ability to discern what one wants, and just claim to be neutral.   How do we, as humans, get to that point where nothing means anything and all is neutral?  Does life beat us down so much, or other people, perhaps, and so we throw our hands up and declare that we don't care about anything and will go as the wind blows?

But i defend, that passion is what makes us interesting as people.  Look at a person who has a real passion for something and many times their enthusiasm spills over to you - it expands your own horizons.  Even if you completely disagree with someone on the subject, you can admire their passion, their stance on that subject and come away from the experience a better person, able to see both sides of the coin, so to speak. 

What's your passion?  Don't claim the middle road - get excited about something, grab hold of it and stand your ground.  And hang on for the'll be more exciting that you ever thought possible. 

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