Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Shoes: Men vs. Women

A little fun reading.

When it comes to shoes, men make their own assumptions.
 Types of shoes:                What you think it says:                What men think it says:
Ankle wraps                        I have perfect ankles                    I'm into bondage
Athletic                                I'm sporty                                       I don't even think about sex
Boots                                    I'm a sexy girl                                 Maybe, but let's see what's under
                                                                                                       those boots.
Clogs                                    I love anything Danish                 I drag my feet and whine
Espadrille                             I belong on the French Riveria    I expect a life of luxury
Fabric shoes                       I'm socially responsible                 I can't afford leather
Flip-Flops                            I'm soooo trendy                            I'm cheap as hell
Oxfords                                I'm sensible when required           I have my personality locked up
Platforms                             I am bold and adventurous           I am petite and overcompensate
Pumps                                  I'm classic Grace Kelly                   I want to be president
Riding boots                       I own horses; I play polo              I like horses better than men
Sandals                                I have gorgeous feet                      I want you to lick my toes
Stilettos                               I'm too sexy for my shoes              I'm simply dying to sleep with you.

(taken from: Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life: Strut Your Way to a Fabulous New You!, by Susan Reynolds, pg21.)

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fishinsolitude said...

forget all of em, I think you'd be perfect in a pair of hip wadders.