Friday, February 11, 2011

...In All Things

Sometimes it catches me unawares. The longing. The sudden and painful tugging at my heart. The feeling of loss...of never ...of why? Not often, thankfully. i have worked through it...have let that dream go...have focused, instead, on what is at hand.

But sometimes....sometimes i allow myself to grieve for what i, am rather sure, will never have. And then i remember that i have so many other things. i should not be ungrateful. My heart, is, however, because i am human and not perfect and oh! so selfish.

i have so many other ways to love, to experience love, to show love, to give love. So many need it. i have alot of it stored up...but stored up for what? For me? For later? i guess i realized that my visions of "later" may never come to fruition. So why hoard it? Give it away. Bless someone else's life with love, kindness...caring.

And then, be thankful. Give thanks that i have been given a heart that is tender and loves. Give thanks that there are those who lack it so that i can help them, love them, pour into their lives

The ache will always be there...i know that. But it is the NOT focusing on me...and my grief that frees me up to love others unconditionally.

In all thankful. In all things...give love. In all not be selfish and hoard what has been given...give it away.

i am learning.

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Lisa Easterling said...

Beautifully put. A spirit of gratefulness does not come naturally. Your efforts to grow in this area will surely be rewarded. (((hug)))