Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not again!

Last night, I had to do a road trip - a quick five hour home at 2.30am. It was awesome because i truly love road trips.

What i don't love, however, is when i 'see' things that then happen.

For instance, we stopped at a rest stop early in the trip (because we left so so late) and i waited in the car. While i was waiting, a young, very good looking man went into the restaurant. i noticed him primarily because it was about 9.30pm and yet he was dressed as if he had come from a business meeting and was very neat and tidy and did i mention handsome? He held the door open for an older woman and then proceeded into the restaurat. i noticed when he came out he had a small bag of something and a coffee...and for some reason, i NEEDED to see which car he got into. i didn't realize the 'why' of this but i had that compeling inner tug. i watched him and quietly wished him well. Again, didn't know why i felt like doing that - kinda odd.

When we got back on the road - about five minutes after the young man left - we passed an accident. Car parts everywhere. Glass.. Firetrucks, ambulance and police. It was a mess. Didn't see if anyone was hurt. Didn't want to because it was the car of the young man.

i knew that was going to happen to him. But i didn't realize that i knew it until i saw it.

Not the first time that has happened and it always, always freaks me out. i have learned, though, that when i have an inner drive to wish someone well or take on an interest in that stranger, i pray for them. Asking God to protect them and bless their life.

But it still freaks me out. Everytime.


Kurt said...

I hope you see a winning lotto ticket for me.

Debra said...

Oh my goodness. How sad. But how interesting to find someone else who experiences such things--I do sometimes, too. That urge to pray for people comes to me often and it took me ages to stop questioning it and just do it! I so hope the young man is ok. Thanks for sharing this story with us and thanks for your encouraging comments at my blog. I always appreciate what you say. Blessings, Debra