Thursday, February 14, 2008

If you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world...'s probably my sister.

Which one, you say.  Ahh..which one indeed, for they are all beautiful and i love them all so very much.

But today's lovely is my youngest sister.  Recently turned 18 yrs and becoming quite a lady. 

Last night, she did the most wonderful thing for me.  As she walked into choir practice, she had on her arm a very cute basket, wrapped in lovely cloth napkins.  As i  uncovered the contents of said basket, there was today's lunch all arranged and ready.  It was her valentine's present to me.

It wasn't so much the thought of brining some of my mother's homemade chili and a cupcake that she made  and decorated, it was that she took the time to arrange it in a basket and put lovely cloths over it.  It was that she put the chili in a glass jar and not in a plastic container, it was the tortilla chips and shredded cheese in their own containers - small and just perfect and it was the decorations on the cupcake..not to mention the way she had the contents nestled together. 

She is a most beautiful girl who made her eldest sister's Valentine's Day better than ever.

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