Monday, October 29, 2007

Still a girlie girl i know i spend a fair amount of time talking about American-style football on this journal - but truly, i love the sport.  i love the pace and intensity of the game.  i, of course, am an ardent Eagles fan, even while they are not doing so well this season and have particular players of whom i cannot get enough.  i understand the game, thanks to my Father who played in high school, college and semi-pro.  i've been watching since i was a's in my blood.  i get loud and mean when they do poorly and will scream myself hoarse with joy when they do well.  i watch YouTube clips of Brian Dawkins and my tummy feels all funny - like i've just had my first kiss and i find it hard to breathe because my heart is pounding SO hard.  Had i been a boy, i would've played - hard, all out, with everything i have.

That being said - (which is so funny that i'm writing this while wearing 4" stilettos!) i am such a girlie girl.  i love pretty. i love lace.  i am SO fortunate to own scads and scads of my great grandmother Irish Linens...and handmade things and i dress in skirts and dresses and fuss with my hair and wear makeup and high heels. i love stockings and silk and hot bubble baths.  i love babies and how they smell right after a bath.  i cry easily and have a tender heart and a soul that longs to be loved.  i swoon at good music and strong Men.  i love to cook and bake and read and garden and travel and be pampered and so very girlie.

But man!  i do love football!



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