Wednesday, July 4, 2007

from whence we came - July 4th

Recently, i had the honor of going to Philadelphia and touring Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and some other historical places.  i remember as a child going through these places, at breakneck speed so that we could get 'to the next thing.' So it was nice to go a bit more slowly as an adult.

One thing that impressed me greatly this time, was the apparent struggle that our Founding Fathers went through BEFORE they decided to declare independence from Britain.  Most, if not all, were considered patriots to the Mother country and in fact, were prosperous men both in Britain and in this new colony.  If you read their words, as they were going through that time, you can sense a deep longing to be free but also not entirely sure that turning their back on Britain was the best thing.  It could've meant total disaster.  It could've meant that Britain would come over and force them back into submission.  They struggled, they debated, they wrote furiously, they pondered, they prayed, they agonized over their decision.

The birth of this country was truly a birth.  Not only because we then had to fight, but because of the labor pains, so to speak, that they went through.  It is also interesting to read Abigail Adams words to her husband.  She would've made a great politician - well thought out words backed with intense passion that these colonies become free.

i wonder if any  of our current leaders, those in the White House, those in the Senate, those in the House, those in local government, those who are 'running' for President - if ANY of them struggle the same way - have the same passion?  Sadly, i'm not sure.

However, for me, when i witnessed those words, those ideas, when i stood in the room where they signed the Declaration of Independence, chills ran up my back.  It is an honor, it is a privilege to live in this country. 

 She is not perfect, but she is a tremendous homeland.

Happy 4th of July!

God bless these United States of America. 


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