Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Reflections from the Holidays

So many good things happened during the holiday season - here is a small glimpse of our family fun....


~Two year old niece, Emma, correcting me that it was 'pull-up' and not 'pull-ups' (because clearly, Auntie, she only had ONE pull-up on)
~Christmas Eve:
    - Bethany and Brianna singing a beautiful rendition of O Holy Night
    -Step In Time (Same 2 yr old niece dancing in the kitchen)
    -Shallon Kicking up her heels during Step in Time
    -Shallon doing the cheerleader pose at the end of prayer (and Dad's face when he saw it!)
    - Warm PJ's that all matched (Three month old niece, Kiera, little ones and how adorable and snuggly she was)
    -Pop-Pop and Em(niece) eating a pound of shrimp before we even sat down to eat
~Christmas Day:
    - Paper everywhere
    - Happy faces and good presents
    - B's face when i said i was buying underwear for the entire family.
    - Just being together - good laughter
    - Missing L and J!!! (Sister and brother in law)
    - Aunt C's good food and the Football game
    - Emma saying "Say 'wear it' Mom" during the grab bag
    - Pop-Pop wearing the tiara for at least an hour during the grab bag
    - Emma and Regan running and screaming and laughing
    - Did i mention the football game?
~After Christmas:
    - Emma clearing her throat and wearing the big 'bosom' poncho while singing, making us all laugh
   - Kiera's snuggly self, the smell of her baby head, her sweet smiles
   - Emma curled up with Pop-Pop on his chair watching TV
   - Emma.
   - Having B and S around - was SO nice!!!! (Brother and sister in law)
   - Packing to go be with Lynne and Jim
   - Spending the 'last night' in the house they built
   - Moving....enough said
   - Spending four hours in L's walk-in closet
   - The peace of havingthe Master Bedroom/Bath cleaned and organized and smelling clean
   - L and her 'black lung'
   - Stripping wallpaper
   - Forgetting what day it was and having paint in my hair
   - Stripping wallpaper
   - L/Js 10,000 lb bedroom furniture
   - Being able to watch part of the Eagles game by the pool (while everyone else was in the house working!)
   - Listening to J drilling something at 3am
   - Stripping wallpaper
   - Calling Dad while lounging in the pool
   - Stripping wallpaper
   - Warm weather in the middle of December
   - A great pilot who landed in the fog
   - Did i mention stripping off wall-paper???

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