Saturday, November 11, 2006


i've taken on another job - in addition to what i work full-time and in addition to my other part-time job.  This job is being a cashier at a clothing store in a local mall.  A large clothing store.  There are many customers of all ages.  my favourites are the ones who's head is just above the counter.  Either male or female matters not, they are wide-eyed in watching 'that store girl' fold the clothes and scan the bar codes and tell the total - and let's not even forget taking off security tags and wrapping delicate things - and taking the money or showing how to use the credit card machine...sometimes they watch a book or stuffed animal of their disappear into the bag.

i remember well the pure excitement of going shopping with my paretns when i was young.  Once when i was four-years old, i was with my parents and we left one place and the next stop was Sears.  We had a tan and white VW bus and my father said, (as he always did) "Watch your fingers, nose and toes"  which was the code that he was going to close the sliding door...but that time, i dind't heed his warning and got my fingers smashed in the door.

He quickly opened it and i was ok..just bruised, but it scared my mother (who was hugely pregnant with my sister - and very hormonal) and she held me on her lap and we both cried  (no seatbelts back then!!)

my mother was so upset she just wanted to go home and put ice on my hand.  i was upset because  "pleeeeease Mommmieeee, i wannnttt to goooooo to Searrrrrrssss"  sniff, sniff

And as i watch these young ones, watching me, i learn an unspoken life lesson.

Never lose your sense of wide-eyed wonder.

And sometimes even with smashed fingers, a girl's got to go to Sears!


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