Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wee bit cranky

yes, that's right, i'm cranky.  Went to bed with a huge headache last night.  That's gone but now my stomach is doing crazy things.  And i'm tired.  And i'm mad (at who or what is a mystery, just mankind in general).  And i hate things that go on in our world...the evil, the hurt, the lies, the deceit.  Why can't everyone just live their own life and do it decently and in order?

And why can't folks remember to say 'goodbye' when they're leaving for a few days?

And why do online friends all of a sudden just 'go away' without warning, without allowing closure?

And where's the Advil?

And the coffee?

And the vodka.....

Especially the vodka...

 Edit:  AHA...who knew that three small squares of dark chocolate could lift one's mood.  Lovely!

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