Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Girl in Paris

i used to live in Paris.  Seriously.  i had a studio flat in a small town on the outskirts of Paris.

Paris, France.

 On my days off, i would take the train to the heart of the city - 13 min ride - and spend the day roaming the streets of Paris.  Eating in cafes.  Walking along the Seine.  Going to the Louvre.  Riding the metro.  Finding the few (but wonderful) English bookstores and spending hours in them.  Sitting in Parks and enjoying the sun as i munched on cheese and a bannette.


When the children didn't have school, we would often go to the park for an entire day.  Packing a picnic lunch, taking books to read, playing and running around the bushes and the hill...

Stopping at the Patisserie and buying Pain de Chocolat for the children's (and my) goutet.

Paris.  i lived there.  i made friends with all sorts of folk.  i shopped in Continent and Auchan and our little grocery and also the market on Wed and Sat. 

i used to live in Paris.

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phyllisstyne2005 said...

I used to live in Denmark and I miss it,

I used to live in Poland and I miss it.

I used to live in Germany and I miss it.

Odysseus always wanted to be where he wasn't...........

Me, too.

You used to live in Paris and you miss it!