Thursday, June 30, 2005

Got lost

Lost myself in a book this evening.  One of my few pleasures.  One that i enjoy more than most other 'down-time' things.  When i was a child, my mother read to my sister and me every night before bed.  Usually it was a chapter book and she'd allow a few chapters a night until we were finished - sometimes leaving us hanging on to some wonderful adventure that had to be continued the next night.  We would protest and groan and beg for more - and sometimes she would give in - but more than not, we had to wait.  i remember the words coming alive to me in pictures - like a movie - that would float through my head and allow me to get lost in the story. 

i was told by my aunt, not long ago, that no one taught me to read.  She said, and my Mother confirmed, that i was read to so often that i sorta memorized the words to a particular story and then learned to recognize the words....or something like that.  This revelation came to me when i mentioned that i never remember anyone teaching me how to sound out words until i was an early teen and took a phonics course.  Never taught to read???  Although, the joyous end for me is that i can read, and do it often, i can't imagine not being able to read - to 'get away' for a while in a good story or learn some incredible facts. 

i'm sure you've seen the signs that say "if you can read this thank a teacher"...but in my case i guess i'd have to say "since i can read, i have to thank my Mother, who took the time to read aloud to me over and over again."

Thank You Mom.

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